Reasons for Using a Shower Filter


Many people only major on the safety of the water they drink totally forgetting the water they use to shower could equally need the same attention as drinking water. This is a fact that should be taken care of with much consideration. Shower water that is not filtered contains a number of chemicals you might not know about like chlorine. Bacteria and fungus from the shower head could also be very harmful to you. Your skin is a very important organ in your body .It covers all the other internal organs and therefore, if not careful, you might suffer some serious infections in the long run. Below are some of the reasons to use Shower Water Filter .

More Chlorine Is Absorbed When Showering Than Through Drinking Water

You might not be fully aware of this, but showering with unfiltered water could make your body absorb more chlorine than when you drink water. Might seem unbelievable but it is the crystal clear truth you need to be aware of. Studies show that chlorine in shower water easily enters your bloodstream because of its low molecular weight. Another dangerous factor about chlorine is that it could easily combine with other matter present in the water to form dangerous byproducts.

The Release of Chemicals into the Air through Shower Water

There are a number of items we innocently purchase for our homes without knowing the dangers they might put us through. Scented candles are good example for causing indoor air pollution. Shower water is also among the indoor air polluters. The heat of shower water causes chemicals to vaporize and as a result gets released into the air.

Chemicals in Shower Water Cause Harm to the Skin

Showering with unfiltered water might cause skin irritation because of the presence of disinfected chlorine. It also causes the skin to look dry and not appealing to the eye. Learn how to choose a good filter with these steps in .

Chemicals Present in Shower Water are Dangerous

The chemicals present in unfiltered shower water are linked to cancer and several health issues and problems. They not only cause one type of cancer but quite a number that you will be amazed to find out about. These chemicals are very dangerous when drank but could be worse when used for showering. The skin can absorb more than you can drink and therefore the damage it could do is nothing compared to the untreated water you consume. Know about aqua bliss here!